Autumn Gold Curling Classic 2015!


Skip: Cathy Auld
Third: Julie Reddick
Second: Holly Donaldson
Lead: Carly Howard 

Toronto, Ontario 

This is a brand new line up for this season.  Cathy has competed in 9 Ontario Scotties Championships and competed in the 2013 Olympic Pre-trials.  Julie is a 3 time Ontario Junior Champion, 2 time Ontario Mixed Champion and won a Canadian Mixed Championship in 2006.  Holly represented Ontario at the Canadian Junior Championship in 2012 & 2013. Carly earned a Bronze medal at the 2014 Canadian Interuniversity Sport Championship.

Skip: Chelsea Carey
Third: Laura Crocker
Second: Taylor McDonald
Lead: Jen Gates

Edmonton, AB 

A brand new team for this season!  Chelsea represented Manitoba at the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts earning a Bronze medal.  She finished 4th at the 2013 Olympic Trials.  Laura and Jen were 2013 Alberta Scotties semi-finalists and also won Bronze Medals at the 2010 Canadian Junior Championship. They are 2011 & 2012 CIS Canadian Champions.  Taylor represented Canada at the 2014 World Junior Championship and won Gold!

Skip: Delia DeJong
Third: Amy Janko
Second: Janais DeJong
Lead: Mikki Redlick

Grande Prairie, AB 

This is a new line up for this season.  Delia, Amy and Mikki previously competed at the 2014 Alberta Scotties.  Janais has competed in Junior Provincials.

Skip: Tanilla Doyle
Third: Lindsay Amundsen-Meyer

Second: Logan Conway
Lead: Christina Faulkner

High River, AB 

Tanilla, Lindsay and Christina are long standing members of this team looking forward to the addition of Logan Conway this year. With her added experience, they are looking forward to a successful season.

Skip: Chantelle Eberle 
Third: Cindy Ricci 

Second: Larisa Murray 
Lead: Debbie Lozinski 

Regina, SK

2014 / 2015 brings a new look for Team Eberle with the addition of Larisa Murray in the 2nd position.  Last year, Chantelle, Cindy and Deb enjoyed success on both the WCT and Saskatchewan Curling Tour.  Larisa previously skipped a team that competed on the Saskatchewan Curling Tour.  All 4 team members have competed in multiple Provincial Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Skip: Satsuki Fujisawa
Third: Emi Shimizu
Second: Chiaki Matsumura
Lead: Ikue Kitazawa

Karuizawa, Japan 

This team won the Japanese Championship in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.  They finished 2nd at the Pacific Championship in 2012.  They competed in the 2014 Continental Cup of Curling.

Skip: Kerry Galusha
Third: Megan Cormier
Second: Danielle Derry 
Lead: Shona Barbour

Yellowknife, NWT

Kerry Galusha is well known to Canadian curlers as she has made 12 appearances at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts from NWT.  Danielle is new to the line up this season.

Skip: Tiffany Game
Third: Vanessa Pouliot
Second: Jennifer VanWieren
Lead: Melissa Pierce

Edmonton, AB 

Team Game has competed on the Alberta Curling tour for many years.  They also competed in the 2014 Alberta Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Teryn Hamilton
Third: Kalynn Park
Second: Sandi Weber
Lead: Shana Snell 

Calgary, AB 

This is their 1st year together.  Teryn is a 2 time former Junior Alberta Champion.  Kalynn won silver at the 2014 Canadian Mixed Doubles Championship and competed in the 2013 Olympic Pre-trials.  She also represented Canada at the 2009 World Junior Championship winning a Silver medal.  


Skip: Amber Holland
Third: Cathy Overton-Clapham
Second: Sasha Carter 
Lead: Chelsey Matson 

A team of veterans looking to cash in at our Grand Slam event.  Amber, Cathy and Sasha are all former Canadian Champions and they’ve also won 2 World Championships.  All 4 players have competed in many Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Rachel Homan
Third: Emma Miskew
Second: Joanne Courtney 
Lead: Lisa Weagle

Ottawa, ONT 

Our reigning Canadian Champions!  They won the Canadian Championship in 2014 and 2013 and went on to earn World Bronze and World Silver medals.  They have added Joanne Courtney to their line up this season.

Skip: Tracy Horgan
Third: Jennifer Horgan
Second: Jenna Enge
Lead: Amanda Gates

Sudbury, ONT 

Team Horgan won the 2014 Yichun International.  They represented Ontario at the 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and have competed in 7 Ontario Scotties.  They also qualified to compete in the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials.

Skip: Jennifer Jones 
Third: Kaitlyn Lawes 
Second: Jill Officer 
Lead: Dawn McEwen 

Winnipeg, MAN

This team requires no introduction – our 2014 Olympic Gold Medalists!  They also capped off the 2014 season as the champions of the Players Championship.  In 2013, they won the Canadian Olympic Trials and also finished as Silver Medalists at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: EunJung Kim 
Third: KyoungAe Kim 
Second: SeonYoung Kim 
Lead: YoungMiKim

Uiseong, South Korea

Team EunJung Kim is from South Korea.  International experience includes silver medals in 3 consecutive Pacific Junior Curling Championships in 2010, 2011 and 2012.  

Skip: Ji-Sun Kim
Third: Un-Chi Gim 
Second: Seul-Bee Lee 
Lead: Min-Ji Um 

Gyeonggi-do Province, South Korea

Silver medalists at the 2010 Pacific Curling Championships for Korea and 2011 Bronze Medalists at the 2011 Winter Universiade.  They earned their best finish at the 2012 World Championship with a 4th place finish.  Their performance qualified Korea for the 2014 Sochi Olympics where they finished in 8th place.

Skip: Shannon Kleibrink 
Third: Lisa Eyamie 
Second: Nikki Smith 
Lead: Darah Blandford 

Okotoks, Alberta 

Shannon has a brand new team this season.  She has a great deal of success skipping different teams over many years.  Her resume includes:  2006 Olympic Bronze medalist, 2009 Canadian Olympic Trials finalist and 4 time Alberta representative at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  

Skip: Sarah Koltun 
Third: Chelsea Duncan 
Second: Patty Wallingham 
Lead: Jenna Duncan l

Whitehorse, NWT 

Team Koltun represented Yukon / NWT in the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and have competed at 8 Canadian Junior Championships.  Team Koltun has also participated in 2 Canada Winter Games.

Skip: Sherry Anderson 
Third: Sherri Singler
Second: Ashley Howard 
Lead: Stephanie McVicar 

Saskatoon, SK 

This team has a very new look for our event this season.  Sherry Anderson is skipping while Stefanie Lawton will be returning to the line up later in the season.  Sherry Singler is stepping up to play 3rd and the line up is rounded out by accomplished young players – Ashley Howard and Stephanie McVicar.  Team Lawton represented Saskatchewan at the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and competed in the 2013 Olympic Trials.

Skip: Sijia Liu 
Third: Rui Wang 
Second: Jinli Liu 
Lead: Xinna Yu 

Harbin, China 

Sijia Liu skipped Team China at the 2014 World Championship along with Wang and Liu.  She was the Chinese representative at the 2010 World Junior Championship.  Sijia Liu also competed in the 2011 and 2012 World Mixed Doubles Championship.

Skip: Mayu Minami 
Third: Mizuki Kitaguchi 
Second: Mayu Natsuizaka
Lead: Mari Ikawa

Aomori, Japan 

This team is from Japan and won the 2014 Japanese Junior Curling Championship.

Skip: Kristie Moore
Third: Sarah Wilkes
Second: Kristina Hadden 
Lead: Alison Kotylak 

Edmonton, AB 

This is a newly formed young team from Alberta with 3 Junior World Championships, World University Games Championships and 2 Scotties appearances.  Kristie skipped Team Alberta at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Mari Motohashi 
Third: Chinami Yoshida
Second: Yurika Yoshida
Lead: Megumi Mabuchi

Aomori, Japan

This team finished 3rd in the 2014 Japan Curling Championship.  Mari has represented Japan at several World Championships and also competed in the 2006 and 2010 Winter Olympics.

Skip: Heather Nedohin
Third: Amy Nixon 

Second: Jessica Mair 
Lead: Laine Peters                                                                    Fifth: Jocelyn Peterman 

Sherwood Park, AB

Team Nedohin welcomes Amy Nixon to the team this season.  Amy was their 5th when they won the 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  Team Nedohin went on to win the World Bronze medal.  Amy was also their 5th at the 2013 Olympic Trials and competed for Canada at the 2006 Olympic Games.  Team Nedohin has qualified for the 2014 Canada Cup.

Skip: Susan O'Connor 
Third: Lawnie MacDonald 
Second: Denise Kinghorn 
Lead: Cori Morris

Calgary, AB 

2010 Olympic Silver Medalists, Susan and Cori, reunite this season.  Lawnie brings a wealth of experience to the team with multiple Scotties and Olympic Trial appearances.  Denise has also competed in the Olympic Trials and several provincial championships.

Skip: Ayumi Ogasawara
Third: Sayaka Yoshimura
Second: Kaho Onodera
Lead: Anna Ohmiya 

Sapporo, Japan 

This team from Japan competed at the 2014 Olympics in Sochi finishing 5th.  They won the Japanese Olympic Trials and Fussen Olympic Trials in 2013 to earn the right to compete in the 2014 Olympic Games.  

Skip: Cissi Ostlund 
Third: Sabina Kraupp
Second: Sara Carlsson
Lead: Paulina Stein 

Karlstad, Sweden 

This team is now in their 2nd season together.  Cissi and Sara were World Champions in 2011 competing for Sweden.  


Skip: Trish Paulsen 
Third: Kari Kennedy 
Second: Jenna Loder 
Lead: Kari Paulsen

Saskatoon, SK 

Team Paulsen has welcomed Jenna Loder to the team this season. Trish, Kari and Kari have curled together since 2011 when they became Canadian Junior Women’s Champions and World Silver medalists.  They finished 3rd at the 2014 Saskatchewan Scotties.  Jenna won 2 Canadian Junior titles in 2008 and 2009.  She also qualified to compete in the 2014 Olympic Pre-trials.

Skip: Casey Scheidegger 
Third: Cary-Anne McTaggart 
Second: Jessie Scheidegger 
Lead: Brittany Tran 

Lethbridge, AB 

Casey has competed in 4 Alberta Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  Casey and Jessie were Alberta Junior Champions in 2009.  They are joined this season by Cary-Anne and Brittany. Cary-Anne has competed in several Alberta Scotties and also qualified to compete in the 2013 Olympic Trials.  Brittany won the Junior Canadian Championship in 2012.

Skip: Barb Spencer 
Third: Katie Spencer
Second: Holly Spencer 
Lead: Sydney Amal 

Winnipeg, MAN 

Barb and her daughter, Katie, have curled together for 2 years and qualified to compete in the 2013 Olympic Pre-trials.  They have had success competing on the World Curling Tour for many years.  Team Spencer was a semi-finalist at the 2014 Manitoba Scotties and finalist at the 2013 Manitoba Scotties. Barb’s 2nd oldest daughter is joining the team this year along with Sydney Arnal.

Skip: Valerie Sweeting
Third: Andrea Crawford 
Second: Dana Ferguson 
Lead: Rachel Pidherny

Edmonton, AB

Val, Dana and Rachel were finalists at the 2014 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.  They also competed in the 2013 Olympic Trials after winning the Olympic Pre-trials.  They are welcoming Andrea Crawford to their team who is a 7 time New Brunswick Scotties Champion

Skip: Jill Thurston  
Third: Brette Richards 
Second: Briane Meilleur 
Lead: Blaine DeJager

Winnipeg, MAN 

Jill has represented Manitoba at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts in 2000, 2006 and 2010.  Brette was the 2009 Manitoba Scotties Champion.  Brianne was a 2010 and 2011 Manitoba Junior Champion and Blaine represented Alberta at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts

Skip: Crystal Webster 
Third: Jessie Kaufman
Second: Geri-Lynn Ramsay 
Lead: Becca Konschuh 

Calgary, AB 

This is a new line up for the 2014 / 2015 season.  Jessie has skipped on the World Curling Tour for many seasons and has competed at the Alberta Scotties in 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 with a Silver Medal finish in 2012.  Crystal and Geri-Lynn have competed together for 3 seasons and qualified for the 2013 Olympic Pre-trials and also competed at the 2012, 2013 and 2014 Alberta Scotties.  Becca won the 2012 Canadian Junior Championship.