Autumn Gold Curling Classic 2014!


Skip: Cathy Auld
Third: Janet Murphy
Second: Stephanie Matheson
Lead: Melissa Foster

Mississauga Golf & Country Club

This team was the 2013 Ontario Scotties finalists and finished 15th on the CTRS last season. They qualified at the 2012 Autumn Gold Curlers Corner Classic. With their consistent performance, they have also qualified to compete in the 2013 Canadian Olympic Pre-Trials.

Skip: Cheryl Bernard
Third: Susan O'Connor
Second: Lori Olson-Johns
Lead: Shannon Aleksic

Calgary Curling Club/Glencoe Club

All four members of this team have won provincial Scotties championships. They will compete in the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials in November. Cheryl and Susan are 2010 Olympic Silver medalists.

Skip: Erika Brown
Third: Deb McCormick
Second: Jessica Schultz
Lead: Ann Swisshelm

Madison Curling Club, USA

National Champions for the USA in 2013 going on to finish 4th at the World Championship. They will be competing at the US Olympic Trials. They won 3 WCT events last year: OCT Championship, KW Fall Classic and Madison Cash Spiel.

Skip: Chelsea Carey
Third: Kristy McDonald

Second: Kirsten Foster
Lead: Lindsay Titheridge

Fort Rouge Curling Club

Team Carey is one of 6 teams that have already qualified for the 2013 Roar of the Rings (Olympic Trials). They were the World Curling Tour Breakthrough Team of the Year for the 2010 / 2011 season. They won 2 Grand Slam titles in 2010 and were finalists at the 2011 Canada Cup.

Skip: Laura Crocker
Third: Erin Carmody
Second: Rebecca Pattison
Lead: Jen Gates

Saville Centre

Team Crocker has qualified for the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials. Erin is new to the team this season. Last year, Laura, Rebecca and Jen were semi-finalists at the Alberta Scotties. In 2012, Erin was the Alberta Scotties semi-finalist and also 2010 Canadian Scotties finalist. Laura won a World Junior silver medal in 2010. Laura and Jen will represent Canada at the 2013 World University Games.

Skip: Lisa Eyamie
Third: Desiree Owen
Second: Jodi Marthaller
Lead: Stephanie Malekoff

Grande Prairie Curling Club

This team has a new line up for the 2013 / 2014 season. Lisa and Jodi have added former Provincial Mixed Champions and former Junior Alberta Champions Desiree and Stephanie to the squad. They are focused on Alberta events this season with their eyes set on building the necessary foundation for years to come.

Skip: Satsuki Fujisawa
Third: Miyo Ichikawa
Second: Emi Shimizu
Lead: Chiaki Matsumara

Karuizawa Curling Club, Japan

Team Japan competed at the 2013 World Championship. They won silver at the 2012 Pacific-Asian Curling Championship. They are also 2 time Pacific Junior Champions.

Skip: Tiffany Game
Third: Vanessa Pouliot
Second: Jennifer VanWieren
Lead: Melissa Pierce

Crestwood Curling Club, Edmonton

This team is well known on the Alberta Curling Tour. They have several appearances at the Alberta Scotties.

Skip: Teryn Hamilton
Third: Hayley Furst
Second: Jody Keim
Lead: Heather Hansen

Calgary Winter Club

This team qualified for the 2013 Alberta Scotties. They have added Hayley to the line up - a former World University Gold medalist. Teryn was an Alberta Junior Champion in 2004 & 2006. Jody was also a former Alberta Junior Champion in 2008.


Skip: Amber Holland
Third: Jolene Campbell
Second: Dailene Sivertson
Lead: Brooklyn Lemon

Regina Callie Curling Club

This is Team Holland’s 2nd season together. Their consistent performance last year earned them a berth into the 2013 Canadian Olympic Pre-Trials. Amber was the 2011 Canadian Champion going on to win silver at Worlds. Dailene was a Silver Medalist at the 2012 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Rachel Homan
Third: Emma Miskew
Second: Alison Kreviazuk
Lead: Lisa Weagle

Ottawa Curling Club

Our reigning Canadian champions who also won bronze at the World Championship. They were the leading money winners last year and finished with a 1st place ranking on the 2012 / 2013 World Curling Tour. They have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Trials.

Skip: Tracy Horgan
Third: Jennifer Horgan
Second: Jenna Enge
Lead: Amanda Gates

Idylwylde Golf & Country Club

Team Horgan has qualified for the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials. They have 8 combined Junior National appearances. In 2012, they represented Ontario at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Michele Jaggi
Third: Marisa Winkelhausen
Second: Stephanie Jaggi
Lead: Melanie Barbezat

CC Bern (Switzerland)

They were finalists at the 2012 Swiss Championship and champions of the Bernese Ladies Cup and Women’s Master in Wetzikon in 2012. Michele was the World Junior Champion in 2005 and 3 time Junior Swiss Champion. Marisa won bronze at the 2009 World Junior Championship and is also a 3 time Junior Swiss Champion. Stephanie has competed in 3 Junior World Championships and Melanie has competed in 1 Junior World Championship.

Skip: Heather Jensen
Third: Darah Blanford
Second: Shana Snell
Lead: Morgan Muise

Airdrie/Calgary Curling Club

This is their 1st season together. They have many individual accomplishments including: 2 Canadian Scotties, 1 Canada Cup, 2 Players Championships, World Junior Championship and multiple provincial Scotties. Darah was the 2nd team all star lead at the 2007 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.

Skip: Jennifer Jones
Third: Kaitlyn Lawes
Second: Jill Officer
Lead: Dawn McEwen

St Vital Curling Club

Team Jones won silver at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts and bronze in 2012. They have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Trials. They were also the 2011 World Curling Tour Players Champions as well as 2008 World Champions.

Skip: Jessie Kaufman
Third: Tiffany Steuber
Second: Dayna Demers
Lead: Stephanie Enright

Spruce Grove

Team Kaufman is a new team for the 2013 / 2014 season. Jessie and Stephanie were finalists at the 2012 Alberta Scotties and won the 2012 Curl Mesabi Shoot Out. Tiffany was the 2012 Spruce Grove Champion and runner up in the 2012 / 2013 Alberta Tour.

Skip: Shannon Kleibrink
Third: Bronwen Webster
Second: Kalynn Park
Lead: Chelsey Bell

Glencoe Club

This team finished 6th on the CTRS for the 2012 / 2013 season. They have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials. Shannon, Bronwen and Chelsey were finalists at the 2009 Olympic Trials.

Skip: Stephanie Lawton
Third: Sherry Anderson
Second: Sherri Singler
Lead: Marliese Kasner

Granite Curling Club, Saskatoon

Team Lawton was ranked 3rd on the CTRS for the 2012 / 2013 season. They had a great season last year as they won the Canada Cup and 2 other Grand Slam events in Winnipeg and Saskatoon. They were also Saskatchewan Scotties finalists. They have qualified for the 2013 Olympic Trials.

Skip: Sherry Middaugh 
Third: Jo-Ann Rizzo
Second: Lee Merklinger
Lead: Leigh Armstrong

Coldwater Curling Club

Team Middaugh has qualified for the 2013 Roar of the Rings (Olympic Trials). They were champions of the 2012 Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Classic, 2012 Oslo Radisson Blu in Norway and 2012 Vichen International in China.

Skip: Eve Muirhead
Third: Anna Sloan
Second: Vicki Adams
Lead: Claire Hamilton

Perth, Scotland

This team is coming off a dream season in 2013. They are our reigning World Champions and also capped off the season as champions of the 2013 Players Championship. They are silver medalists from the 2012 European Championship and won gold in 2011

Skip: Heather Nedohin
Third: Beth Iskiw
Second: Jessica Mair
Lead: Laine Peters

Saville Sports Centre

Team Nedohin won both the 2012 Alberta Scotties and the National Scotties going on to win bronze at the 2012 World Championship. In early 2013, the team won the Continental Cup as part of Team North America. They have earned a berth into the 2013 Canadian Olympic Trials.

Skip: Lene Nielsen
Third:  Helle Simonsen
Second: Jeanne Ellegard
Lead: Maria Poulsen

Hvidovre Curling Club, Denmark

This team will be representing Denmark at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia. They have finished in 4th place in the 2011 and 2012 European Championships and have also competed in the World Championship for the past 3 years.

Skip: Jocelyn Peterman
Third: Brittany Tran
Second: Rebecca Konschuh
Lead: Kristine Anderson

Team Peterman has been curling together for 4 years. This will be their final season competing at the Junior level. Their previous accomplishments include: Bronze at Juvenile Internationals in 2009, Silver at 2011 Canada Winter Games and 2012 Canadian Junior Champions.

Skip: Casey Scheidegger
Third: Denise Kinghorn
Second: Jessie Scheidegger
Lead: Kim Anderson

Lethbridge Curling Club

This will be their 2nd season together. Last year was a successful season as they qualified in both WCT and Alberta tour events with their best result being a finalist in the Boundary Ford Classic in Lloydminster. They also competed in the 2013 Alberta Scotties.

Skip: Kelly Scott
Third: Jeanna Schraeder
Second: Sasha Carter
Lead: Sarah Wazney

Kelowna Curling Club

Bronze medalists at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Kelly, Sasha and Jeanna were Canadian Champions in 2006 and 2007 and 2007 World Champions. Sarah was a Junior Canadian Champion in 2008. They have qualified for the 2013 Canadian Olympic Pre-Trials.

Skip: Jill Shumay
Third: Kara Johnston
Second: Taryn Holtby
Lead: Jinaye Ayrey

Maidstone Curling Club

Team Shumay represented Saskatchewan at the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts finishing with a 6 - 5 record.


Skip: Anna Sidorova
Third: Liudmila Privivkova
Second: Margarita Fomina
Lead: Ekaterina Galkina


This team will be home-town favorites at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. They were 2012 European Champions and finished 3rd in 2011. They finished in 6th place at the 2013 World Womens Championship.

Skip: Renee Sonnenberg 
Third: Lawnie McDonald
Second: Cary-Anne McTaggart
Lead: Rona Pasika

Grande Prairie Curling Club

Team Sonnenberg had an excellent season last year as 2013 Alberta Scotties finalists and a 9th place ranking on the CTRS. They were also the 2012 Alberta Tour Champions. They have qualifed for the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials.

Skip: Barb Spencer 
Third: Katie Spencer
Second: Jenna Loder
Lead: Raunora Westcott

Assiniboine Memorial Curling Club

Jenna is a new addition to the team for this season. Last year, Barb, Katie and Raunora were Manitoba Scotties Finalists. They have qualified for the 2013 Canadian Olympic Pre-Trials.

Skip: Valerie Sweeting
Third: Dana Ferguson
Second: Joanne Courtney
Lead: Rachel Pidherny

Saville Centre

Team Sweeting has qualified for the 2013 Olympic Pre-Trials. They competed last year in the Alberta Scotties. Val won the Alberta Scotties in 2010 and is a former Saskatchewan Junior Champion. Joanne is a former Alberta Junior Champion.

Skip: Crystal Webster 
Third: Cathy Overton-Clapham
Second: Geri-Lynn Ramsay
Lead: Sam Preston

Glencoe Club, Calgary

Team Webster has added Cathy to their line up this season. Cathy brings a wealth of experience to the team as a 5 time Canadian Champion and former World Champion in 2008. Crystal, Sam and Geri-Lynn have competed together for the past 2 seasons earning a berth into the Canadian Olympic Pre-Trials in November this year.

Skip: Bingyu Wang 
Third: Yin Liu
Second: Qingshuang Yue
Lead: Yan Zhou


Team China has numerous appearances at the World Championships with their best results being silver in 2008 and gold in 2009. They also represented China at the 2010 Olympics earning a bronze medal. In 2010, they were champions of the Curlers Corner Autumn Gold Classic.