Ray Kingsmith Award

Presented in conjunction with the Autumn Gold Curling Classic each year, the purpose of the Ray Kingsmith Award is to recognize an individual for their outstanding contributions to Women's Curling.

On Friday, October 6, there will be a gathering for all Ray Kingsmith Award recipients in conjunction with the Autumn Gold Curling Classic.

2016 Recipient: Ann-Marie Giasson

Ann-Marie Giasson is this year’s recipient of the Ray Kingsmith Memorial Award.  This award is given in recognition of an individual for her outstanding contribution to women’s curling. 

According to author of the Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell, there is a certain, special type of personality called a connector.  According to Gladwell, “there are people whose social circle is four or five times the size of other people’s.  Sprinkled among every walk of life, in other words, are a handful of people with a truly extraordinary knack of making friends and acquaintances.  They are Connectors.”

Ann-Marie Giasson falls firmly into this category.  I have never met another person with such a special ability to make friends easily and see beyond differences, always looking to see the good.  This helps her cultivate long term relationships with people and bring them together.

Some of the qualities that draw people in are Ann-Marie’s happy disposition, ability to juggle many responsibilities and relationships, and an incredible sense of humour.  She is creative, generous and always ready to lend a hand when needed.

Ann-Marie has made significant volunteer contributions to women’s curling by assisting with the Autumn Gold Classic for many years.  For 10 years she assisted with door/admissions, and she’s been in charge of on-line scoring since 2011.  She has also played in the event a number of times.

Ann-Marie has worked hard to organize past events at the Calgary Curling Club, such as the Turkey Shoot and the New Year’s Eve party.  She also worked in the office, lounge and pro shop for more than 8 years.  During her time working at the Club, she assisted with many more events and always went out of her way to make curlers and spectators feel as welcome as possible.

For many years Ann-Marie has also created and organized personalized curling and golf events to get all her friends and family together.  These events are legendary for the camaraderie as much as the fun.  Every event is inclusive and meticulously organized.

Ann-Marie has a way of making everyone feel welcome and special and wanted.  She can cut up the dance floor like no other.  Her air guitar skills are second to none, especially if AC/DC is cranked.  She’s most famous for her hilarious skills when it comes to shaking it to Baby Got Back.  She’ll make you laugh until you cry and take your breath away with her generosity. 

Congratulations Ann-Marie, you are most deserving of this prestigious Ray Kingsmith Award.


  • Overall commitment to women's curling and women curlers.
  • Leadership (ideas, goals, achievements, co-ordination/administration, ability to motivate)
  • Support the efforts of others
  • Congeniality (on and off ice)
  • Participation as a Curler
  • Support of the Autumn Gold
  • Community Involvement.

Complete List of Award Recipients

  • 2016 Ann-Marie Giasson
  • 2015 Crystal Webster
  • 2014 Shannon Kleibrink
  • 2013 Brenda Rogers
  • 2012 Bronwen Webster
  • 2011 Masaye Tanaka
  • 2010 Susan O'Connor
  • 2009 Kyla MacLachlan
  • 2008 Marg Wasmann
  • 2007 Rae Kells
  • 2006 Judy Bailey
  • 2005 Bernice Merrick
  • 2004 Barb Davies
  • 2003 Cheryl Bernard
  • 2002 Judy Pendergast
  • 2001 Debby Pendergast
  • 2000 Linda Wagner
  • 1999 Judy Carr
  • 1998 Betty Clarke
  • 1997 Flo Markin
  • 1996 Sandy Turner
  • 1995 Wendy Conn
  • 1994 Cordella (Red) Schwengler
  • 1993 Susan Seitz
  • 1992 MaryAnne Nicholson
  • 1991 Rita Jones
  • 1990 Judy Erickson
  • 1989 Sharon Schmidt
  • 1988 Mavis Roland